People. Code. Future.

For three days this May, Vienna will be the center of the developer world. Developers from all over the globe will converge in the Austrian capital to participate in the WeAreDevelopers Congress. The congress – the largest of its kind in Europe – will take place this year for the fourth time and bring together the who’s who of the global developer scene. It is people who make a congress a success. People meeting, talking and networking. People making friends and finding opportunities. Like-minded people coming together to share stories, ideas and dreams.

Code is what connects developers. It is more than a long sequence of num- bers and characters; it is a universal language that allows developers to break down the walls separating people and build bridges beyond bor- ders. Diversity and inclusion create the perfect environment for new, groundbreaking ideas, and that is why they play such a central role in this year’s congress.

Developers use code to turn good ideas into great products. This is their opportunity to embrace the future: to see it, shape it and create it. The future is today, and when a group of developers come together to code, who knows what they will produce; the only thing you can be sure of is that it will be new.

WeAreDevelopers brings people, code and the future together to create something new. Become a part of it.


Das Kongress-Magazin zum WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 erscheint als Promotion- beilage zur Tageszeitung der Standard und ist Werbung im Sinne des Mediengesetzes. Eigen- tümerin (100 %) / Medieninhaberin und Ver- waltungsadresse: WeAreDevelopers GmbH, Doblhoffgasse 9/15, 1010 Vienna, Austria Her- steller, Herstellungs- und Erscheinungsort: Leykam Druck GmbH & Co KG, 7201 Neudörfl, Bickfordstraße 21, Text: Mag. Sandra Bak, Das Textatelier